*** Always available for your real estate questions. ***
  *** Always available for your real estate questions. ***

Welcome to my website.

You have chosen the RIGHT Commercial Real Estate Broker to work for you!

Lancaster keeps working until the 'JOB' is done.

He does not sit in an office ... he is outside meeting with the Building Owners

(Landlords & Owner-Users), Tenants, CEO's of companies, and other Real Estate Brokers.

He is constantly adding to his knowledge base.

When Lancaster receives an assignment, he knows who to contact, where to identify suitable properties and how to get your company into the appropriate space.

Taking the time to know his clients and understand their business is critical to helping them achieve their goals.

He is reachable via


Email   info@LancasterLo.com


Mobile  #917-721-3688.

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Contact Lancaster at info@LancasterLo.com or Mobile # 917-721-3688.

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Phone:  917-721-3688


E-mail: info@LancasterLo.com